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Design Fashion Trading, Corp. is an American company established in 2013, located in Miami, Florida. In the fashion business, clothing, footwear and clothing accessories, we are a recognized channel among the most important Importers in Latin America and Distributors located in Los Angeles.

So far in 2015, customers sponsored by Design Fashion Trading Corp. have visited stores at LAX and made a significant volume of purchases in more than 500 businesses in the sector. We want to get out of the conventional context, grow and with become an online showroom that opens the doors of your business to those importers who prefer don’t to travel or those customers who want to know the inventory before visiting the store.

Why you should join

Design Fashion Trading, Corp. offers its website as a portal where Clothing, Footwear and Clothing Accessories stores, located in LAX, can have a presence in cyberspace and have their own exhibition space. connects allied stores with importers in Latin America by giving them access to updated catalogs and inventories to generate orders online. Once the sale is finalized, the stores receive secure payments through the American financial instruments of Design Fashion Trading, Corp., which gives security to the transaction.


Design Fashion Trading, Corp. in facts:

   • More than 500 stores at LAX have billed Design Fashion Trading, Corp.

   • Growth in negotiated amounts: while in 2017 Design Fashion Trading, Corp. negotiated in LAX amounts in the order of            $1.25MM, in the first semester of 2018 we reached more than $2MM, being a rising trend.

   • Design Fashion Trading, Corp. has commercial partners in Latin America that channel the growing needs of an important           group of importers in the Clothing, Footwear and Clothing Accessories sectors.

   • In Latin America, demand for these items continues to increase.

We want to support the growth of your business: display your catalog in



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